The Fabulous Cynthia!

From Sasha at Violet Folklore

We are so happy to introduce our newest Violet Folklore model: the lovely Cynthia!


I knew Cynthia would make a fabulous model, because she has an amazing style and an incredibly flexible look. In fact, I am always telling her that she reminds me one of my favorite experimental art photographers, Cindy Sherman, because she has the ability to transform herself so completely with her clothes, hairstyle, and makeup. In fact, I have been in the same room with Cynthia many times and not even recognized her until she came up to me and said hi! (I'm good with faces, so this was pretty shocking to me!) She also loves to dance, so she is naturally at home in her body, which is very important for the sometimes awkward job of being in front of the camera. (You might like to make beautiful faces at yourself in your mirror, but when you can't see what you are doing, it can be surprisingly challenging to strike a great pose!)

Luckily for us, Cynthia has great reserves of patience-- waiting for the camera to recharge (again), keeping the gaggle of toddlers on the "set" (read, playground) entertained and distracted, hanging out for a half hour while I dig out a certain belt from the bottom of a bag, etc. Lastly, like all Violet Folklore models, Cynthia is a player and not a hater, and she was fully into getting together with the girls for a super giggly day of trying on tons of clothes and drinking beer!!!

I just love the way Cynthia is wearing her hair these days, cropped close and bleached white-- I can't help but compare her to supermodel Agyness Deyn. I love how she can wear the 80s vintage with an energetic, physical presence, then transform into a sophisticated, demure Julie Andrews for a 1960s tea dress:


Amazingly, the very first item of clothing that Cynthia gravitated to on the to-be-photographed rack was one of the most flamboyant pieces that we have; an incredible blue teddy from the 80s. With no direction from us, she came up with a totally rocking, stage ready outfit:


Perhaps my personal favorite was this lace baby doll dress from the 80s, which Cynthia rocked with the pair of green Doc Martens I found last week (score!). These pictures seem to capture perfectly the spirit of this cool girl, who is a style chameleon and radiates fun in every picture:


Thank you Cynthia for giving your time and sweet energy to our project! You are a star!