Docs Forever

From Sasha at Violet Folklore

God, I just LOVE Doc Marten boots! I was so happy to see them stomp back onto the scene this spring. I was itching to score some for our Etsy, and my dreams came true last week-- I was meeting my multi-talented musical friend Ricky Berger for a morning Rollerskating Adventure in Citrus Heights, and I managed to dash into a massive Salvation Army before our date. There they were, waiting for me in the "Boutique" section! I was more than happy to pay a little extra for these boots, since I know first hand how comfortable they are, and how long they last. I just love the green color, too-- I've been finding so many things in green lately!


Our model Cynthia rocked these Docs with leggings and a babydoll dress on our last photoshoot. I used to swear by the Docs with girly vintage dress look myself, back in The Day. Sure got me a lot of, ahem, suitors.



My first pair of Docs were 14 eyes in black, and I wore those babies for seven years straight. When they were finally beyond repair, I had to let them go, and it was like losing old friends-- after all, those boots had seen all the good, the bad, and the ugly, and they probably knew me better than I knew myself. I had a little ceremony for them, including taking a roll of pictures of me kissing them very reverently, before burying them in my parent's backyard. (I PROMISE to dig up those pics when I go home for Christmas!!!)

Thus the racing heart upon the Return of the Docs. Some people just don't GET them (as Amber has confessed to me-- it's okay, I still love you, sistah), but if you do, you know what I mean. Nothing can replace a good pair of Docs. And if you're a size 7, get on over to our shop right now, cause I made them a crazy low price as my personal sacrifice to the Doc Marten Gods. Boot it UP, ladies!