Hello! I’m Amber Magnolia Hill, and I create podcasts and plant medicines for people who yearn for knowledge about herbalism, deepening ancestral connections, and all the ways we come to know the deep self. I help folks to drop the cultural lies of disconnection and disempowerment, and to remember that this wisdom is in our bones.

I’m an herbalist with 14 years of study and practice under my belt, and I’ve been growing my relationship with my ancestors for the last decade. I’ve guided thousands of people on this path via interviews and talks on the Medicine Stories podcast and by offering hand-crafted, mythically-minded herbal medicine.

I am also a mother, writer, and teacher.

When I’m not podcasting or making medicine, I love swimming the in Yuba river or just melting in the bath with an informative, inspiring book (I’m a voracious reader and dream of having a full-on home library someday). Basically water and books are my main jams.

But let’s be real- I spend most of my time mothering my sweet daughters, born ten years apart. I always wanted two girls, but never anticipated the years of single motherhood between them or that a decade would separate their births. I love how it’s worked out though!

Here are a few things you’d probably never guess about me:

  • I was a blackjack dealer at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe (my hometown) the summer I was 21.

  • My family (grandparents, parents, sister, and now husband and daughters) and I are total Disneyland freaks.

  • I have a Religious Studies degree from U.C. Davis.

  • My secret ambition is to be a children’s book author.

You can learn more about my work by listening to the Medicine Stories podcast or perusing our herbal line Mythic Medicinals.

My girls, Mycelia Violet & Nixie Opal, 2019.

My girls, Mycelia Violet & Nixie Opal, 2019.

I became interested in herbalism in 2005, after feeling the pull to apply for a job in the Wellness Department at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op. Talk about a crash course in herbalism and natural healing! In 2006 my first daughter was born, and in 2007 I undertook two simultaneous herbal apprenticeships, one with Kami McBride and one with Kathi Keville. In 2016 I studied with Matthew Wood. In between and since I’ve taken countless herb classes at various gatherings, read a million books and listened to a jillion podcasts, and have continued to spend time in nature talking to the plants and in my kitchen experimenting with remedies.

My husband Owen and I got together in 2013, having no idea at first that the other was also a plant person. The deal was sealed for me when he showed up with a basket full of homegrown garden goods and made me dinner on our second date. Within a few weeks he said to me, “I can see myself growing herbs for your business for the rest of my life.”

I called my mom, and she told me to keep him. I told her I was planning on it.

We bought land together in 2016 (the same year we had a baby and got married, in that order). His master gardening skills combined with my herbal knowledge have allowed the business to blossom, and we absolutely love doing it together (97.4% of the time).

Harvesting mugwort while pregnant, 2016.

Harvesting mugwort while pregnant, 2016.

My mom, who was my best friend and biggest supporter, died in a car accident a few weeks before I got pregnant with Nixie. Everything I do with Mythic Medicine is in the spirit of the immense love and boundless kindness that she radiated every single day.

It’s all for you Momma.

My favorite picture of my sister, my mom, and me. San Francisco, 2001.

My favorite picture of my sister, my mom, and me. San Francisco, 2001.

Thank you for being here. We love you!