Herbal Self Care Phone Consultation, Free Gift, & Email Follow-Up


Herbal Self Care Phone Consultation, Free Gift, & Email Follow-Up


We live in a world of Extra Super Sensory-Overstimulation on Intense Warp Speed Hyperdrive, drowning in a sea of distractions and other peoples' needs.

Daily herbal care and deep self remembrance are necessary practices for women trying to live, love, and navigate their lives toward calm and wholeness in this new era.

No teacher, plant, or book can tell you what you need to know- that wisdom comes only from within- but those things can help you access the inner sanctum where all self-knowledge dwells. Let's uncover the path that will get you there.

In this one-hour-or-so-we'll-just-chat-till-it's-done phone call, we'll talk about the major points of stress in your life and pinpoint which herbal self care techniques can help to alleviate them. 

We focus on simple herbal remedies, with an emphasis on practices that help women reconnect with the deep self. The session is a sort of map making, being honest about the territory you're traversing in life and setting a destination that includes more care, healing, and love of self.

As part of the coaching session, you will receive a free copy of my Herbal Body Oiling eBook.

I will follow up our conversation with an email covering what we talked about and listing resources that may help on the journey.

You can purchase this service now and I will email you ASAP to set up a call time, or you can be in touch via the Contact page if you have any questions.

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